How to outdoor Paint | watercolor painting demo for beginners


Hi, I am Dilip Sarkar, here is an outdoor painting for beginners. Because many people think that they can draw outdoor paintings only after becoming experts. No you can draw even when you are a beginner and connect with the nature the real world. Try new things and know more about color combinations and many more. So if you are a beginner try this out its going to encourage you more about painting. So I have given some steps that how I have drawn very easy water color outdoor painting very simply. I hope you will enjoy it.




STEP 1: In the first step I want to draw the ground. But as you can see then grasses in the snap, I am not keeping the grass in my picture because for beginner, to learn outdoor painting you have to start from basic. So in the beginning time, you have to cut some things from the real view to get a better result on your painting and to learn quickly. And the gradually you can learn to make a perfect full outdoor painting.

                        After completing the sketch of the train I have given brown color to the ground. See video for more clarification

STEP 2 : Then ii have colored the train again with brown (make sure that you don’t go so deep in the first cote) and after putting the color all over the train I have used the brush vertically to get a raw design of the train’s outer wall.

STEP 3: In this step I have made another bogie at the end of this train but that bogie is in a little gap as you can see in the picture. First I have made it roughly just putting brown so that I can design it later.

STEP 4: I have then darken gap between each bogie with deep brown color. Then I have made the trees with deep green, little brown at the bottom and yellow and light green at the top.

STEP 5: And then in the last step I have added more detail at the trees making some more leaves with green, giving some brush strokes to show more leaves and also detailed the train making windows, designs etc. using deep brown.

STEP 6: Add more details as needed.


FOR MORE DETAILS WATCH THE YouTube video linked below.

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