How to draw with soft pastels for beginners, Sunrise over the mountains – soft pastel

Hi friends, here I want to show you how to draw a sunrise over the mountains with soft pastel. Here you will also learn how you can draw a painting using the concept of light and darkness. Also the purpose of this drawing is about how can use soft pastel in various way.

Follow the steps given below with help of the video.


TOOLS: – I have used black sheet, pencil, soft pastel, OIL pastel.


STEP 1: In this painting I recommend to use a black sheet. It will give you the dark base of light on which you will make sunrise. So it will be very good combination of the dark and the light which will give the effect of sunrise after the night.

First make a outline of the mountain with white pencils.


STEP 2: Then comes the sky area. It is very important area because if you paint the sky perfectly it will give the great outcome to the painting. So use blue at top of the sky to make it darker and then use little bit of yellow and purple to bring a variation of the darkness of night and the light of the rising sun as shown in the video. I used yellow at the right side of the sky because I want to show the sun from the right as you can see in the picture that the shadow is in the left side therefore. And then rub the pains gently.


NOTE: Don’t use the pastel deeply. Use it just to place the color where you want then rub it gently to color.

STEP 3: The Mountain, it is as important as the sky area. Use red for the base of the reddish golden effect for the sunlight keeping the shadow area(don‘t skip the red). Then use yellow in the mountain for the golden effect as in the video.


STEP 4: Now the lower portion of the mountain, use green, white, blue and yellow as I showed in the video. This is to make the forest, water areas, and some other areas of mountains. Because it’s a abstract area use this combination carefully. Add some more detail in the mountain with brown or black. Also use blue for the detailing for the shadows in the mountain.

Use red and blue combination for the closer part of the painting and then black as I did in the video.


STEP 5: Then draw trees with black pencil or a marker for small trees and you can use black oil pastel for trees in the closer areas of the painting as you can see in the video.



Then include more detail to develop the beauty of the painting (don’t over color).




Artist Dilip Sarkar


For more information watch the video below.


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