How to draw Outdoor oil painting | Dilip Art

How to draw Outdoor oil painting | Dilip Art


Hi, I am Dilip Sarkar , Now days I am going for outdoor painting frequently because it sends an artist’s creativity, thinking and visualizing to the next level. And along with me I want you to grow you visualizing and artistic skill get better. So I thought to do it together. So I have given some simple steps for how to draw outdoor oil painting.


STEP 1: First of all I have put white light blue base at the top for the sky and in the bottom for the river. Then I have drawn the base of the trees at both sides. At the left side I have used deep green mixing with a little bit blue and at the right side I have used Prussian blue with very little green. Make sure to draw the left trees like it goes smaller as it goes so far because the river bend is left to right here.

STEP 2: Now in the river area I have added shadow at both side with burnt sienna and little green.

                        Then I have added some orange and yellow ochre in the sky. I have added orange so that I can use light further there.

                        Then I have blurred this color in a bird of roundly way so it gets a cloudily effect.

STEP 3: Now when our whole basic color is given then it’s time to detail and fulfill the drawing. So I added little bit of orange and yellow ochre at the left tree base.

                        And I have used yellow and white for the sun. Then blurred it in the way it does not get disappeared fully but visible.

STEP 4: Then I have detailed more the left side giving it green and brown strokes at the bottom and given green and brown stroke in the right side making it little darker.

STEP 5: Then I have added little bit of red and yellow white mix up in the river, especially where I have drawn the shadows of the trees and then blurred it smoothly.( see the video ) Then added white and very little red mix up for the color of light falling. Lastly you can add up a little bit of white to brightening the falling light.

Use more detail to make the drawing more beautiful as needed.



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