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My fantasy flies me not only to enchanting places but to enchanting times also. I am in a forest now, at the time when the setting sun is raining colors. The glowing forest seems to be under a magical spell.

What a magnificent time is sunset! It is the harbinger of transformation, implying the change of times. A lot happens in such transition periods. Everything becomes so vibrant and so turbulent. Everything shifts in a haste, just as the sky before the dusk. It reminds us the eternal truth; change is the only thing that is constant.

Oil colors – Burnt sienna, Cerulean blue, Flake white, Chrome yellow, Lemon yellow, Cadmium red, Ivory black

Canvas – 21ʺ x 14ʺ

Brushes – Flat brush no. 2, 4; Fan brush no. 4; Spatula knife; flat brush 2ʺ.


To create the background for scene, I started by putting various colors with small strokes, covering small sections. Each of these sections is the base of each different elements. I put some pale pink (red + white), red, pale blue (blue + white) and some yellow to create the multicolored sunset sky and fainted view of the forest in the background. For the base of the foreground trees, I used some reddish orange (red + chrome yellow) on the top section and some reddish brown (burnt sienna + red) in the bottom section.


Next comes the silhouette of the trees. I have used warm, earthy shades like red, orange and brown. I used small, light-handed strokes to create the foliage. The closer the trees are to the light, the sheerer their silhouette is. Keeping that in mind, I used the shades and adjusted their intensity accordingly. That’s why the foreground elements are much darker than that of the background. Since the right side of the image is little brighter than the left side, the trees on the front left are quite dark and their shape is very prominent. In the background, by putting blobs of different shades of yellow (chrome yellow and lemon yellow), and defining them with a small brush, I painted the faint hint of the forest.


Next, with a dark brown ( burnt sienna + blue ) shade, I painted the trees and the bushes on the both sides of the stream. On the right, I shaded the bushes with a mix of burnt sienna and chrome yellow. I added some details on the trees, like defining leaves and branches. Then I took a big brush and went over the dense foliage in the top left corner, blending them a little.

Then, I started working on the stream. I painted the stream in a way, so that it seems it is flowing over a rocky, sloping bed, towards the front. I used two shades of blue for the water, light blue (blue + white) and blue. Water on the foreground is darker. For a detail, I also showed the rocks on the bed of the stream. Then I defined the rocks around the stream, using dark brown (burnt sienna + blue), reddish brown (burnt sienna + red) and chrome yellow. For the fallen flowers on the rocks, I used red and chrome yellow.

Finally, I defined everything for the last time. This is the stage when everything comes together. I created the waves on the water using blue and white.Using a small brush and red color, I painted the slope and the bushes on the left bank. I painted four more trunks, two on each side of the stream and here is the only once I used black. With white mixed with yellow and then with burnt sienna, I

light-sourced the trees using a spatula knife. For the final detailing, I defined the treetops once more and painted little dots of white mixed with yellow, which gave a beautiful dimension to the leaves.

Technically, this painting is all about layering and detailing. I have played with various colors and shades. Light and dark is extremely important in this picture. This is a quite intricate painting, that’s why I used small brushes to create every little element. I tried my best to express my idea through my technique as well.

I hope you enjoyed. Please don’t forget to comment and share. See you later.


Artist Dilip Sarkar

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